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  1  Arrive by 9:50 AM on Saturday

  2  Zelda or Lou Jacobs will likely be there to greet you.

  3  Try to say Shabbat Shalom, Good Shabbos, whassup or hello to each arrival.

  4  When too many arrive to greet everyone, just a smile or gesture to those you cannot get to will be fine.

  5  Members know about wearing a Tallit and kipa. They may need a gentle reminder.

  6  Jewish men, not members, should be informed the custom at Adath Israel is for a man to wear a Tallit.

  7  All men are expected to wear a kipa (yarmulke).

  8  Encourage the women to wear a Tallit if they care to do so.

  9  For guests, point out where the coat room, rest rooms and drinking fountain are located.

 10 If asked about youth services, explain there is babysitting on the lower level of the school and occasionally teen/tween programs on the second level of the school   building.

 11 Closed circuit room for moms, dads, infants and toddlers on the middle level of the school building for those who want to watch and hear through closed circuit t.v.

 12 Hand one out or point out the location of the Shabbat Program pamphlet.

 13 If they have questions about that particular days' service/seating/participation, etc., refer them to an usher or that days' Gabbai.

 14 Remind them to turn off their cell phone!

 15 Above all, stay relaxed. This is to be an enjoyable experience for you and the persons being greeted.

 16 Your service as a greeter ends at 11:00 AM. Please join the rest of the Congregation for the remaining service.

 Again, thank you for your vital service to Adath Israel. After Shabbat, please take a minute and send me an email and share your experience with me so I can use your  comments to improve the Adath Israel Shalom Squad program.