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High Holidays 5782/2021

High Holidays are fast approaching.  We are excited to celebrate this new year of 5782, and want to share our plans for how you can join in the celebration.

This year is obviously unique, and we want to do our best to provide choices so that our congregants can decide how they want to celebrate the holidays.  Below is information about our services this year.

Thank you for your dedication to Adath Israel and your ongoing cooperation as we continue to navigate the uncharted waters of this pandemic together. 

A message from Rabbi Wise

In-person Services Ticket Information

Tickets are required for in-person services for Erev Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah services, Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre) and Yom Kippur. See below for masking requirements.

If you're a member of Adath Israel and have an individual membership, you automatically receive one (1) complimentary ticket, if you have a household membership, you automatically receive two (2) complimentary tickets for High Holiday Services (tickets are not required for those under age 18).

If you are a non-member interested in attending, a member in need of additional tickets, or interested in purchasing tickets for reserved seating, please contact Kathy Haas before August 30, 2021 at or call (513) 793-1800 ext. 106.

Tickets may be picked up at the Adath Israel Office Monday - Thursday from 9-Noon or day of services in the lobby.

 About In-person Services

If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join us online. 

Attendees Must be Masked

Those attending in-person ages 2 and up must be properly masked (i.e. wearing masks over both nose and mouth and no masks with vents or valves and no gaiter masks) while in the building.

Sanctuary Protocols

  • Those leading services on the Bimah, who are by themselves at the podium and distanced from others, are not required to wear a mask while verbally participating. 
  • Congregants who come up to open the ark must be masked, and those around the Torah table must also be masked (i.e. those coming up for an Aliyah, reading Torah, or acting as a Torah Gabbai).
  • Those who come up to do an English reading may be unmasked while doing their reading because they will have their own podium.  Also, when teaching or giving their sermons, our rabbis may also be unmasked.  Those leading services who are at their own podium may be unmasked.
  • Our talented cantor Mitch Cohen will be facing the Ark at his own podium and will be unmasked.
  • The choir will be virtual this year and will be shown on a video screen on the Bimah.

Online Services

For congregants who choose not to participate in-person this year, we are pleased to offer a high-quality online viewing experience for all services conducted in the sanctuary.   

Services can be seen through the following online viewing options:

If you need a Mahzor Lev Shalem, please let us know.  We will be glad to lend you one for the holiday. 

Our office will be open on Monday through Thursday from 9 to noon starting August 23 or by appointment (

Schedule of Services

Service Times
Sadly, due to health concerns, we are not having babysitting this year. 

Erev Rosh Hashanah – Monday, September 6
6:00pm – Evening Service
Rosh Hashanah – Tuesday, September 7
8:30am – Morning Service
5:00pm – Tashlich at Amberley Green
6:00pm – Evening Service
Rosh Hashanah, Day 2 – Wednesday, September 8
8:30am – Morning Service

Kol Nidrei – Wednesday, September 15
6:30pm - Mincha Service in the Marcus Chapel. This service is in-person only.
7:00pm – Kol Nidrei Service
Yom Kippur – Thursday, September 16
8:30am – Morning Service including Yizkor
1:00pm – Program in the Chapel and on Zoom: Israel L’Dor VaDor - from Generation to Generatio
2:30pm –  Program in the Chapel: Wellness: What’s our legacy?  Where are we going?
4:00pm –  Program in the Chapel and on Zoom: Jewish Spirituality: Deepening our Jewish Experiences
5:30pm – Afternoon Service & Ne’ila


Schedule for Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah

All morning services will be in-person and online, while all evening services are only online.  Zoom links will be provided in email. 

There will be no Religious School on Wed. Sept. 22 nor on Wed. Sept. 29.  

Sunday, Sept. 19 
9 AM: Sukkah Raising

1:00 PM: Painting in the Sukkah

Monday, Sept. 20
7 PM: Evening Minyan (Zoom & Facebook)

Tuesday, Sept 21
9 AM: Sukkot Day 1 Yomtov Services (In-person and Online at & Facebook) No wake up with the rabbis
7 PM: Evening Minyan (Zoom & Facebook)
Wednesday, Sept. 22
9 AM: Sukkot Day 2 Yomtov services (In-person and Online at & Facebook) No wake up with the rabbis. 
7 PM: Evening Services with Mincha Only (Zoom & Facebook)
Thursday, Sept 23
8 AM: Morning Minyan with Hallel and Hakafot (In-person and online over Zoom & Facebook)
7 PM: Evening Minyan (Zoom & Facebook)
Friday, Sept. 24
8 AM: Morning Minyan with Hallel and Hakafot (In-person and online over Zoom & Facebook)
6 PM: Evening Minyan Kaballat Shabbat (Zoom & Facebook)
Saturday, Sept. 25
9 AM: Shabbat services (In-person and Online at & Facebook)
7 PM: Evening Minyan with no Mishminchah Class (Zoom & Facebook)
Sunday, Sept. 26: 
9 AM: Morning Minyan with Hallel and Hakafot (In-person and online over Zoom & Facebook)
5:30 PM: Evening Minyan (Zoom & Facebook)
Monday, Sept. 27
8 AM: Morning Minyan with Hallel and Hakafot (In-person and online over Zoom & Facebook)
7 PM: Evening Minyan (Zoom & Facebook)
Tuesday, Sept. 28
9 AM: Shemini Atzeret Services Including Yizkor (In-person and Online at & Facebook) No wake up with the rabbis
6 PM: Evening Minyan (Zoom & Facebook)
6:30 PM: Simchat Torah Celebration and Kids' Reading (Zoom ONLY)
Wednesday, Sept. 29
9 AM: Simchat Torah Services (In-person and Online at & Facebook) No wake up with the rabbis
7 PM: Evening Minyan with Mincha Only (Zoom & Facebook)
Saturday October 2
7 PM: Evening Minyan
Saturday October 9
7 PM: Evening Minyan


Youth Services

Rosh Hashanah - Tuesday, September 7th, 10:00 am -11:30 am and Yom Kippur - Thursday, September 16th, 10:00 am-11:30 am 

Families (three-year-olds through 6th grade with at least one adult) are invited to a half-hour service outside celebrating the High Holidays.  And then families are invited inside for socially distanced hands-on activities to read, create, and explore the themes and stories of the High Holidays.
To begin, families will gather outside, socially distanced (exact location at synagogue TBD), and then move inside to school classrooms, a few families per room.

Families must wear masks and sign up by September 3 to ensure we have proper seating and materials for everyone.  If you have questions, contact Debbie at 513-236-1037 or
What about babysitting?
Sadly, due to health concerns, we are not having babysitting this year. 
What about the main service?
All students of all ages are welcome to join the main service. 
Thu, September 23 2021 17 Tishrei 5782