In 2015, Adath Israel's leadership began to develop a strategic plan to help our congregation develop into the kind of community we envisioned we could become by 2022. After many focus groups, a survey, a summit, and individual interviews involving over 250 congregants, together we developed what we fondly refer to now as “Imagine Adath Israel. Below are the pillars of our plan, which we use to guide our decision making and actions.

Adath Israel Vision Pillars

1)  Is the kind of synagogue where congregants work together to make everyone feel unconditionally welcome, accepted, and at home

2)  Nurtures our community through innovative and dynamic approaches to Jewish life inside and outside the walls of the synagogue

3)  Consistently steps forward and speak out to build a just and equitable community for all, rooted in Jewish values and teachings

4)  Cultivates a path to well being enabling our congregants to grow spiritually, religiously and intellectually.

# of congregants involved to date in Imagine Adath Process from leadership to Summit to survey participants is close to 300 but I have to double check to see if it exceeds 300

Where we are today:

1st pillar/vision

Redefining New Member Experience:

  • Developed a contemporary membership application

  • Trained staff to be more welcoming on phones and in person

  • Redesigned welcome baskets and expedited delivery system

  • Assigned seating for new members at some congregational dinners to avoid awkward “sitting alone”

Current Member Experience:

  • Redefining membership for non-Jewish spouses and children

  • Offering unique Shabbat experiences both within and outside the synagogue walls

  • Making available family Takeaway binders for families which include Jewish “how to guides”, fun ideas, and great recipes

  • Training ushers and greeters to be more sensitive and adaptable to all members and guests

  • A new look for the Kol Kehilah, our monthly newsletter

  • A new coffee station in our lobby - stop by and schmooze!

2nd Pillar/vision

Taking a fresh look: the committee is looking at every aspect of what we do at Adath Israel Congregation to find opportunities to meet the needs of all of our congregants

  • Holding Focus Groups for parents with very young children to explore programming for this age demographic

  • Holding Focus Groups for Single congregants in their 40’s-60’st o explore what kinds of programming would meet their needs

  • Evaluating the success of our programs and what we can change or improve

3rd Pillar/vision

  • Sandy Kaltman and an ad-hoc committee met to define parameters to help guide our future social justice work

4th Pillar/vision

  • Work in this area is still to come

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