Your Turn on the Bimah!


Want to learn how to lead services?

Participation and learning are two of the most important goals at Adath Israel, therefore, congregants are encouraged to learn prayers and lead services.

Now it’s easier than ever to get started! You can learn to daven online. All of Adath Israel’s Shabbat morning prayers are recorded online for you to listen to and learn from at your own pace. Then, meet one-on-one with Mitch Cohen to ensure you are ready to lead.

Happy Listening!

Questions? Contact Mitch at mitch@adath-israel.org or 513-793-1800 x107.

Shabbat Morning Service

Preliminary and Pesukei Dezimra
PDF  (pages 103 - 147)
Listen  (recording by Mitch Cohen)

PDF (pages 147 - 168) 
Listen  (recording by Mitch Cohen)

Torah Service
PDF (pages 168 - 184)
Taking the Torah Out:
Listen (recording by Dara Wood)
Putting the Torah Away:
Listen (recording by Dara Wood)

Musaf to the end
PDF  (pages 184-211 and 77)
Listen  (recording by Mitch Cohen)


Synagogue members can contact Mitch Cohen at mitch@adath-israel.org or call Mitch at 513-793-1800 ext 107 to setup free one-on-one sessions.

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