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Green Team Blog

06/01/2022 03:46:07 PM


by Elena Stein

World Environment Day encourages us to recycle

As we celebrated World Environment Day, the Adath Israel Green Team is encouraging everyone to do something to help restore our planet.  Small actions can make a big difference.  

For example, did you know that we can help save the planet with our forks?  

  • On average, fruits and vegetables travel 1,300-2000 miles to get from farms to stores in our area.  The ships, planes, and trucks used to transport food use a lot of fuel, which pollutes our water, air, and land.  When we grow our own produce in season or buy it from a farmer’s market, we are improving our nutrient intake, saving money, and making a better choice for the environment.  Some seasonal fruits for the month of June are apricots, watermelon, and peaches.   Enjoy local, seasonal produce this summer, in order to make a difference and leave a green legacy.


Stay tuned for more tips from The Adath Israel Green Team.

Sun, April 21 2024 13 Nisan 5784