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Adath Israel Congregation is an egalitarian, conservative congregation affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Under the guidance of Rabbi Moshe Smolkin, we enjoy an inclusive community in which all members are encouraged to participate.

Our long and rich existence started over 170 years ago.

Our Congregation, conveniently located in the beautiful Cincinnati suburb of Amberley Village, is convenient to all Cincinnati and suburban neighborhoods. Adath Israel boasts a membership of about 630 families. We proudly offer our members the full services and programming of a large congregation, but pride ourselves on the personalized attention we offer our membership.

Adath Israel features a wide array of programs and services. We offer strong, educational programs for both children and adults. Our vibrant, welcoming membership is evident at our daily morning and evening minyanim. Our social calendar is full as well. We have an array of social organizations including Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Hazak, Kef Club, Adat Young Professionals, Yachad, and four youth groups.

Our synagogue is blessed with an exciting and creative partnership in which lay leaders and professional staff combine talents to forge a dynamic and vibrant congregation. Seventeen standing committees, made up of volunteers from our membership and staff as support, ensure the on-going success and vitality of all that we do. Our Board of Trustees consists of members who are charged with the responsibility of working with the staff to oversee the synagogue's operations. Trustees are elected for a three-year term. Members are encouraged to become a part of Adath Israel's leadership team.

If you are looking for a warm, active, and inclusive community of Conservative Jews, Adath Israel is the place for you. Please contact the Synagogue Office for more information at 513-793-1800. We look forward to welcoming you into our Adath Israel Family!


Adath Israel Congregation was founded in 1847, as the Polish Synagogue in Cincinnati. It was the oldest traditional synagogue in Cincinnati, and one of the oldest Conservative congregations in the entire nation. 

Our first location was Lodge Alley, between Fifth and Sixth Streets. In 1860, Adath Israel moved to the corner of Seventh and Walnut, the Hibben Building, where it remained for twenty-eight years. 

During the 1880's, the decade which marked the mass migration of Polish and other eastern European Jews to the United States, the congregation grew larger and more active. Adath Israel acquired its own building in 1896 at Ninth and Cutter Street. The Women's Auxiliary, the Sisterhood, was organized in 1880. 

When the Jewish population of the old west end moved up to Avondale, Adath Israel followed suit -- acquiring its own building at 658-62 Rockdale Avenue in 1917. In that next year, Rabbi Louis Feinberg became Rabbi of Adath Israel. He modernized and re-invigorated the life and program of the congregation in religious, education and cultural matters.     

To meet the demands of its ever-increasing membership, Adath Israel opened its magnificent Synagogue building on Lexington and Reading Roads in 1927.      

In 1928, Adath Israel made an important contribution to the Jewish community by the establishment of the Leshner Library of Jewish books. Religious Services were enriched by the presence of Cantor Emil Rosen. The Synagogue membership was constantly growing, programs were multiplying and Rabbi Fishel J. Goldfeder was invited to become Associate Rabbi with Rabbi Feinberg in 1945.     

Upon Rabbi Feinbergs's death in 1949, Rabbi Goldfeder became the Rabbi. Under his dynamic influence, the congregation enlarged its membership, its scope of activities, and many new projects were initiated -- including a total reorganization of the religious school.      

With the shift of the Jewish population northward, the congregation moved from Avondale to Amberley Village in 1967. The Isaac N. Jarson Education Center was built adjacent to the Synagogue and opened in 1972.      

In 1982, upon the retirement of Rabbi Goldfeder, Rabbi Sidney Zimmelman arrived at Adath Israel as the new head Rabbi.   

After an extensive search, in 1991, Rabbi Irvin M. Wise arrived at Adath Israel as the new Rabbi. Under Rabbi Wise's leadership, the congregation became fully egalitarian.

In 2019, Rabbi Smokin was hired as Senior Rabbi of Adath Israel and in September Rabbi Wise officially retired from the position and became Rabbi Emeritus. 


Adath Israel is a Kehilah Kedoshah, a Conservative Jewish community, that supports congregants during significant life events, and in their journeys to become more involved, knowledgeable, and spiritually fulfilled Jews.

The 18 Core Values of Adath Israel Congregation

Shema Yisrael - Believing in and loving G-d Mitzvah V'Halakhah - Embracing the standards, observances, and values of Conservative Judaism
Gemilut Hasadim- Doing good deeds and acts of kindness
Tzedakah - Endeavoring to live righteous lives of caring and giving
Kelal Yisrael - Contributing to the future of the Jewish people
Yisrael - Appreciating the centrality of Israel
Tikkun Olam - Making our world a better place
Talmud Torah - Life long Jewish learning
Kedushah - Recognizing the holiness of creation
Kavod - Treating every person with respect
Ruhaniyut - Building spiritual and religious lives
Tefilah - Developing devotional inner lives
Shabbat Veyom Tov - Living by the Jewish Calendar
Ledor Vador - Involving members of all ages
Temihah - Financially supporting our congregation
Hishtatfut - Participating in programs, projects and activities
Memshalah - Members governing our congregation
Shalom - Pursuing peace at all times in all ways


Adath Israel Congregation is a place...

​where congregants work together to make everyone feel unconditionally welcome, accepted, and at home.
that nurtures our community through innovative and dynamic approaches to Jewish life inside and outside the walls of the synagogue.
that consistently steps forward and speaks out to build a just and equitable community for all, rooted in Jewish values and teachings.
that cultivates a path to well being enabling our congregants to grow spiritually, religiously, and intellectually.
Click here to learn more about Adath Israel's vision, "Imagine Adath Israel."

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