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Welcome to the Jarson Education Center, the home of the Religious School and Youth and Family Programs at Adath Israel Congregation. The Jarson Education Center building is adjacent to the main synagogue building and hosts educational and social programs for newborn to 12th graders. At our religious school, we strive for our students to have a bright and flourishing Jewish education. ​


Virtual Religious School 2020-21:

1. Structure & Curriculum
Class Times: We are following guidelines from school districts on appropriate Zoom times based on age group. Individual classes run between 25-45 minutes contingent upon the age of the students. All classes occur during the conventional in-person religious school hours on Wednesdays and Sundays. Built-in is time in between classes for transitioning, switching links, as well as for break/snack time.

Tribes: This year, we’ve introduced a special program for second graders through seventh graders on Sundays. While it isn’t feasible to create a virtual replica of schmoozing in the religious school lobby or waving ‘hello’ to one’s teacher from previous years, the Tribes program is our way of creating a sense of togetherness and belonging to a bigger community. Phylicia Cook, our Coordinator of Youth and  Family Programs, has assumed a leadership role in this new initiative. She is spearheading the programming piece as well as communicating the content of the activity to the Madrichim, who are actively involved. 

Madrichim: Our Madrichim or teen leaders have a much larger role this year compared to years past. In the classroom environment, Madrichim continue to help teachers implement lesson plans. In addition to that role, Madrichim assist teachers with technology and oftentimes oversee a Breakout Room (one of the helpful features of Zoom). They regularly meet with Phylicia and Dahlia Zack, our Youth Advisor, to receive instructions, feedback, and professional development. 

ShalomLearning: This year, a few of our classes are piloting a curriculum called ShalomLearning. This program offers a values-based curriculum for grades K-7 that is organized around seven core Jewish values that infuse our traditions (both ancient and modern). They also offer Hebrew and Tefillot decoding programs for grades 3-7. ShalomLearning offers full-length and abridged lessons and materials that fit into the virtual classroom model. The project began in 2010  by experts using the pedagogic principles of Understanding by Design (UBD), by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins.

2. Torah and Haftorah Trope (Cantillation)
Our fifth and sixth graders meet with our B'nai Mitzvah teacher, Mitch Cohen. In addition to the shorter-term preparation for the students’ B’nai Mitzvah ceremonies, knowledge of Trope for chanting Torah and Haftorah Cantillation gives students the tools to be Readers in a Torah service. Moreover, the cantillation signs also provide information on the syntactic structure of the text, therefore deepening one’s understanding of the Torah’s meaning. 

3. Tefillah (Prayer)
All of our students have a musical Tefillah (prayer service) with Mitch Cohen. They are introduced to prayers and both traditional and contemporary Jewish songs.

4. B'nai Mitzvah Preparation
Students who are preparing for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Adath Israel will meet one-on-one with our rabbis to prepare their D’var Torah (lesson/speech) and to help prepare them for their lives as Jewish adults. 















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Fri, June 18 2021 8 Tammuz 5781