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Going Green with Your Pets

Did you know that you can become an eco-friendly pet owner? Start by recycling pet food containers,
donating old pet gear, and cleaning up after dogs with eco-friendly bags.
Buy reusable supplies like machine washable puppy pads. One reusable pad can keep hundreds of
disposable ones out of the landfills... and save you money!
Repurposing household items into toys can be fun for you and your pet and cuts down on household
waste. Try weaving dye free paper strips in and out of your bird's cage bars. With so many online
resources, ideas are limitless. Just search, “DIY pet toys.”

Clay-based litters are harmful to the environment adding to the ever-growing issue of non-
biodegradable waste. Use a nontoxic, eco-friendly cat litter such as a corn-based litter that you can flush

instead of using plastic bags to dispose of the waste.

Try pet snacks made with upcycled ingredients, or if you have the time, making your own treats can
spare your pets from ingesting questionable ingredients and save wasteful packaging that contributes to
already overflowing landfills.
Regular grooming is essential to pet health and standard pet shampoos often contain chemicals such as
sulphates (which you may avoid when selecting products for your own body), so why not use
biodegradable and environment friendly pet shampoos to make your pet eco-friendlier?
Chemicals that are used in plastic manufacturing like BPA and lead that is used in the manufacturing of
ceramic bowls, create the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Go for BPA free and lead-free ceramics
or recycle an old bowl from your kitchen.

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