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Order Lulav and Etrog


Note that the ordering deadline was September 8th, and Lulav ordering is now closed.

Your order will be delivered to the synagogue for you to pick up. For freshness, the company delivers them close to Sukkot.  The estimated delivery is Wednesday, Sept. 27th. We plan to arrange pickup times starting on Thursday, Sept. 28th.

Each set consists of an Israeli Etrog, Lulav (palm branch) with its palm holder, Hadassim (myrtle branches), and Arovoth (willow branches).

The Arovoth (willows) and Hadassim (mrtyles) are separately packed to maintain freshness. The Lulav comes assembled together in the pouch. 

Also included is a user friendly guide. It lists all the Brochoth (blessings) and Halochoth (laws) of the four species.


Price is $36.95



Sun, April 21 2024 13 Nisan 5784